LEEFNET is the world’s premier architect of business infrastructure, and is defining a new category of professional services to help companies prepare for the shift to business models.  Companies who combine the reach and efficiency of the Internet with both existing and emerging technologies to strengthen relationships with customers and business partners, create new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, improve operating efficiencies, shorten time-to-market and improve communications. Businesses rely on a complex infrastructure centered on an internetwork and incorporating a host of technologies such as applications, middleware, server and mainframe systems, workstations, databases and telecommunications hardware/software. The successful design and operation of the infrastructure has a direct impact on the success of the business, yet the complexity of these systems has grown exponentially in recent years. LEEFNET is an “infrastructure architect,” a consulting services partner that provides a critical new service in architecting, designing, implementing and measuring these infrastructures and ensuring they perform and operate in direct support of the business mandate. Our services are designed to help clients rapidly create or upgrade their infrastructures to reduce time-to-market and drive overall performance of their critical eBusiness initiatives to quickly improve competitive position.

LEEFNET’s business is built upon the thought leadership and intellectual property developed in its global “practices,” – centers of expertise that focus on the research and development of services, solutions and best practices/best tools. LEEFNET operates multiple practices that span the key disciplines related to a successful infrastructure: architecture, performance, security, management and business solutions. LEEFNET delivers this expertise and its solutions through a unique methodology that innovative and proprietary framework for service delivery that has been built from the ground up to address the specific infrastructure challenges in today’s business environments. This methodology enables LEEFNET’s clients to establish key business metrics and tailor infrastructure design and measurement directly to the business mandate. Ultimately, LEEFNET helps clients choose the right combinations of technology, integrate them effectively into new or existing environments, tie infrastructure design and operation directly to the business environment, and measure and monitor infrastructure performance as a way to drive business performance


LEEFNET is a multi-disciplinary business infrastructure architect that is capable of integrating network strategy and architecture with application and business initiatives to deliver a robust technology foundation. LEEFNET focuses directly on the intersection between the business process/application world and the communications/internetwork world, as it is the interaction between these two families of systems that can make or break a successful business initiative. By combining expertise in networking, IT systems, applications and the unique requirements of a variety of business initiatives, LEEFNET brings unprecedented performance levels to our clients’ businesses through high-capacity infrastructures that can handle unpredictable demand levels. LEEFNET can help organizations understand business objectives, map them to key technology metrics like performance, security and scalability, and then build a network-based infrastructure that can operate reliably without security risks, downtime or scaling problems.

LEEFNET solutions contain a full lifecycle of services, from strategy/planning and design all the way through implementation and measurement, that all draw upon five key domains of expertise:

Infrastructure Architecture: Design and implementation business infrastructures that seamlessly integrate the network and the supporting IT systems with today’s distributed, multi-service (voice/video/data) applications.

Infrastructure Performance: Tools and methods for measuring, assessing and optimizing application and infrastructure performance.

Infrastructure Security: Comprehensive technology and business security consulting and implementation to maximize data confidentiality, availability and integrity.

Infrastructure Management: Strategies, best practices and tools for complete application, system and network management.